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Welcome to Evobit Limited LTD Company!

We will offer you an opportunity to make money out of thin air.

The vast space of the Internet will act as the proverbial ‘thin air’ in our case. Evobit Limited LTD earns money by crypto-currency cloud mining, and has been quite successful at it. We have decided not to spread ourselves thin over several directions of the cloud mining like other companies do so. In Evobit Limited LTD we believe it is better to be the best in one sphere than try to encompass all at once with no success.

Our Company has a great experience in crypto-currency mining. We have spent years to turn an amateur system of 20 video cards into gorgeous farms of terminal servers working non-stop.

There is one small remark, however: crypto-currency mining is a highly competitive environment, which is developing rapidly. To keep the leadership there is a constant need of investments, and here we speak of round amounts.

We invite for cooperation all those who, like us, are sure that crypto-currency is the money of future in the present. We do not speak baselessly of untold riches as in this sphere everything depends only on you: your investments are converted into productive capacity traded by our company. The more you invest, the higher productive capacity is, which means the more crypto-currency will be mined by this capacity for the same time period.


  • Unlimited
    investment term

    Our investment packages are not limited in time, so you decide on your own for how long you wish to cooperate with us.

  • Good conditions
    for profit

    We offer the wide range of investment plans among which one is more appealing than the other. A wide range of limits makes cooperation with us affordable to nearly everyone.

  • Worldwide

    Cooperating with us, you invest in the officially registered company conducting global operations, which means you become an international investor.

  • Payment

    Distribution of dividends occurs every hour! The algorithm of calculation of investments and dividends perfected over the years excludes omission of dividends.

  • High level
    of security

    All the data on financial operations as well as personal data are effectively protected with SSL certificates and additional services on encryption of data transfer.

Our Company has a great experience in crypto-currency mining. We have spent years to turn an amateur system of 20 video cards into gorgeous farms of terminal servers working non-stop.


  • Evobit officially launched!

    I am very glad to annonce Evobit is officaly launched today,our team its prepare for this moment for a very long time,Evobit is a professional team of crypto-currency cloud mining company, legally registered in terms of British law. <br>We offer opportunity to everyone who want to make money start from $10,you can test it after you can make decision to make long-term cooperation with Evobit,you can receive your profit daily also you will able to withdraw instantly. <br>Evobit Limited LTD is an officially registered company under the number 10813815 <br>If encountering any problems, please send e-mails to us or ask for online customer service.

    Jun-15-2017 02:08:14 AM


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